This article describes five(5) misconceptions about the behaviour of the popular Oracle database system. These misconceptions often lead to unexpected results that developers with SQL(Structured Query Language)experience may face when migrating to Oracle database. Make sure to read to the end as I can assure you, surprises await you but don’t worry, I’m sharing my experience so you don’t have to go through what I went through. I just want your programming experience to be successful and your programming skills advanced.

1. Tests on NULL values always return FALSE

Would you agree that combining the two requests below gives the Persons table?


iOS vs Android

I decided to enter this new year in style and that included getting a new phone. I’m a huge fan of quality and for phones, Apple products suit that description, so my first choice was to visit one of their stores. I came across their latest release at the time, iPhone pro max 11. Unfortunately, it had the exact design as my current iPhone X, although it was a bit larger, having a slightly better camera and with some internal components a bit more enhanced. …

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